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What Our Clients Say

Sergio Prado

Sergio Pradolinkedin

Embedded Labworks
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I decided to review the design of my website and also wanted to move away from WordPress. I really liked the idea of a statically generated website because they are fast, secure, easy to maintain, and offer a great developer experience. I searched for companies that could help me migrate my website from WordPress to Hugo and found Zeon Studio. In the first discovery meeting, they provided design ideas with some mock-up pages. They were so proactive, and the new design looked so good that I didn't hesitate to hire them. Just a few weeks later, I had the first version of the new website. They were fast and responsive to my feedback. In the end, they did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed working with them. If you're looking for a company to design and develop your website, I highly recommend Zeon Studio.
Leo Rastogi

Leo Rastogilinkedin

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I experienced a true sense of partnership while working with Zeon Studio. One thing that set Zeon Studio apart from everyone else I’ve worked with in the past was their deep sense of commitment, not only to the project but also to what we hoped to accomplish in our business. The team spent a lot of time understanding our business, our goals, and what we wanted to achieve. It was an amazingly smooth journey, as they always met the timeline and produced the project within budget. I strongly recommend Zeon Studio to anyone who wants a true partner to empower their digital journey.
Julius Rudolph

Julius Rudolphlinkedin

At our mental health tech startup, we have had the honor to work multiple times with Zeon Studio for various websites. Every time the team exceeded our expectations with very thorough designs and implementations, challenging ideas, as well as with smooth and reliable communication. We are very proud that we found Zeon Studio and would highly recommend them for web-related projects.
Barry Stamos

Barry Stamoslinkedin

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I have hired and worked with Zeon Studio on many occasions. Every single time they were top-notch. Design is always excellent, code is super clean, and the website loads fast. They provide high-quality work for affordable prices. Great Team. Highly recommended.
Bernhard Bühlmann

Bernhard Bühlmannlinkedin

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We have an old website based on Jekyll and wanted to migrate the website to Hugo with a new design. Zeon Studio provided good consultancy and helped us successfully complete the migration process. It was a very nice experience working with the team and we’re happy with it. I would highly recommend Zeon Studio to companies who wanted to migrate or create their website with Hugo.
James Barton

James Bartontwitter

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Working with Zeon Studio means partnering with a reliable team that delivers on their promises and maintains an exceptionally high standard of work. What we like most about Zeon Studio is that they’re open, honest and they’re highly expert in this field. Working with the team is almost effortless, communication is great and they actively listen to the client’s feedback. I highly recommend them.
Brandon Maytham

Brandon Maythamlinkedin

Lycaon Security Solutions
We hired Zeon Studio as they are experts developing in Go and leveraging the Hugo Static Site Framework. We had several tasks from site accessibility to custom development work and implementing various security controls and integrations. Combining our security knowledge with their developers, we formed a partnership.
I would recommend Zeon Studio for anyone who wants a professional, fast and quality development team. So much, so we have partnered with them on numerous projects, giving us the ability to scale up and down as the needs of our customers change.
Farhad Hossen

Farhad Hossenlinkedin

We are grateful to Zeon Studio for all of their hard work on our website; the finished website was fantastic. We got all the functionality we needed. They clearly understood what we were looking for. Highly skilled and knowledgeable team. I highly recommend them!